Ardennen Cup
presented by McDermott

Ardennes Cup 2022

In 2022 the 25th Ardennes Cup will finally be played.

The 25th Ardennes Cup 2022 will take place in Ettelbruck in the Daich hall from the 2nd to the 6th of June.

The whole AC team is looking forward to 2022 and is happy that it will finally start and that international pool will be played in Luxembourg again. There are registrations that have already been on the AC website for 2 years and we will ask everyone if their registration is still valid. Some requests have already come in, but before we open the tournament, we will first check the whole tournament schedule. We will also delete all the names from the youth tournaments, because I think some of them are already over 18 and others are no longer pupils. So there is still work to do. Players who read this and still want to come could confirm this briefly.

Furthermore, we are happy that a large part of the sponsors have remained loyal to us over this long period of time. Of course, some sponsors have dropped out due to Corona, but once again a big thank you to these sponsors for their loyalty over the past years.

A big thank you goes also to our big sponsors: McDermott (main sponsor), Elektro Juncker (2nd main sponsor), Commune Ettelbruck, Brasserie Diekirch, Coca Cola, Iwan Simonis, Webpublishing, Ruppert Getränke, Reelive, Hague Five as well as Pool-Fashion, Belgolux, Kamui, Fuussekaul, Restaurant Le Restone.

We are very much looking forward to AC 2022

With sporting greetings
Your LBTA Team

Next Tournament

02.06. - 06.06.2022
Women, Men, Team, Youth
28 x Olio

Request to the tournament

Meyer Marc
2, um Mehlbaam, L-9165 Merscheid

Tel. / Fax
2022 back in the Deichhall of Ettelbrück!

The Ardennes Cup will again take place in the event hall - the Deichhalle in Ettelbrück - from 2022. See Way Desctiption.

Welcome to the beautiful Luxembourg


Winners Ardennen Cup 2022

Herren Tobias Bongers (GER), Damen Tamara Peeters (NED), Team Hello Kitty (GER), Junioren Dennis Laszkowski (GER), Schüler Laurenz Geitz (GER), Mädchen Johanna Indlekofer (GER)
Registrations 2022    ()=payd

Category men
Thursday 02.06. 151 (150) / 160 Players
Friday 03.06. 127 (127) / 128 Players
Sunday 05.06. 126 (123) / 128 Players
Total 404 (400) / 416 Players
Categorie team
Friday 03.06. 32 (31) / 32 Teams
Saturday 04.06. 96 (96) / 96 Teams
Total 128 (127) / 128 Teams
Category women
Sunday 05.06. 60 (60) / 64 Players
Total 60 (60) / 64 Players
Category Youth
Monday 06.06. 45 (45) / 112 Players
Total 45 (45) / 112 Players